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Astro-photography & Research Group
A technical resource for emerging and advanced Astro-Photographer's

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Click on the above image to watch the YouTube video of the presentation.
Click on the above PDF icon to download the presentation slides.

In person / zoom meeting at the Observatory
1st Friday of each month, 8:00-9:30pm (+/-)

Meeting format:
8:00pm - Introduction of new members
8:05pm - 15-20 minute educator, subject matter talk

8:30pm - Open forum, Question & Answers
9:00pm - Show and tell.  Share your images
9:30pm - Meeting wrap-up


LUNA 1 Open.png

Luna 1
AP Group Shared Observatory

Takahashi TOA 130 Telescope
Software Bisque Paramount MX
ZWO ASI2600 Pro Camera w/CFW
FLI Precision Digital Focuser
Moag Off Axis Guider w/ SBIG STI-cam

Imaging Facts:
Focal Length 1000mm F7.7
Image Scale .77 arc/sec pixe
FOV 81 x 54 arcmins
6248 x 4176 pixels
23.50 x 15.70mm
Narrow Band Filters : Ba
H-alpha 7
S-II 7

M33 FOV.png

Control System
SkyRoof - Interactive Astronomy
SkyAlert - Interactive

Automated Night Sky Imaging

Main Sequence Software
Sequence  Generator Pro

Scheduled Target Pool

Clear skies, our most limiting resource at NJAA.  AP Group chosen imaging targets optimizes the data capture amongst the group. 
All dat
a sets are shared with the AP Group members.

 Suggested target sequence for Nov & Dec 2023

M/42 Orion (O-III, Ha, S-II, LRGB)
M/33 Triangulum (O-III, Ha, S-II, LRGB)
M/31 Andromeda Galaxy (O-III, Ha, S-II, LRGB)

Charles Bracken DSI V3.png

NJAA Sanctioned Resource Training Guide.
This book is referenced during our training sessions and is a
n invaluable asset to your imaging ecosystem.


NJAA Recommended Processing Software

Qualified Image "QI" Operator Handbook
To be posted here soon.

Luna 1 Data Set's
Click on M33 Image below,

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