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Membership In NJAA

NJAA membership is open to everyone.

Note that all memberships (except Student)

include a $10.00 One Time Application Fee.

Regular : $40 per year
Sustaining : $50 per year
Aldrin : $150 per year (family membership included)
Student : $15 per year - Must be full time Student.
Family : $5 each per year

There is a one time application fee of $10 (waived for Student membership).
A Sustaining Membership affords the same rewards of a regular membership, however it donates a little more money towards the maintenance of the observatory. 

In addition to joining and enjoying the camaraderie of these fellow amateur astronomers, the Benefits of


Membership include:

  • Receiving our quarterly "The Astronotes" newsletter via eMail.

  • Use of the NJAA grounds any time you like.

  • Use of our facilities and library during our regular open houses and monthly meetings. 

  • Ability to borrow a "club scope" for your own on-site observing session. 

  • Reduced rate on publications like Sky and Telescope, Astronomy and the Observers Handbook. 

  • Discounts on space items from Sky Publishing.

  • Access to the "members only" area of our website.

  • Invitations to our Member Only star parties and other special events.

  • Invitation to join any number of Committees to learn new skills and further support our organization.

  • Invitation (after 6mos. of membership) to take the Qualified Observer (QO) course for training on the 26 inch telescope. 

  • Plus you'll be helping a totally unaffiliated, non-profit organization to continue serving public programs, improving the equipment, and teaching our youth the importance of the heavens. 

If you would like to become a member please click here.

To Renew your membership please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For Membership questions please email :

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